Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Brand new to blogger - revamping and making it look like my internet home.

I'm back in internet world!
Where do I begin with my first blog? It feels like when an old bestie asks how you have been? What's been happening? And you have no idea where to start because so much of your life has happened.

I miss my websites, and having no laptop or computer really blows because file transfer apps just don't work out for me on my iPad or phone. Sigh! But I do love blogger, and it will do for now.

I've just logged onto deviant art for the first time in almost six years and I've found some of my texture designs used for digital image layering. I have to admit, they are quite impressive.
It's a pitty I have little use for them, but I did use one for my new etsy shop called sheijkooparts where I am making Polymer Clay figurines, dragons in perticular.
Check it out if you dare!

Here is Eli, my long necked sea dragon made from Polymer Clay, Swarovski elements, Cabochons and acrylics.

Besides that I am working on a young adult novel called Camp. I'll post more when I can. :)